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HS9500i Winch
The HS stands for high speed. The 9500 stands for the rated line pull. The I means integrated solenoid. On this winch, we've added a new 4.6 hp Series wound motor™, and reconfigured the drive train to planetary gearing to improve both speed and efficiency. The result is fast line retrieval across the work range, improved torque, and lighter weight. Includes remote control on 12' lead, roller fairlead and battery cables.
HS9500 Winch
With an all-new 4.6 hp Series Wound™ electric motor, this winch offers the option of a separate solenoid ack that can be remotely located. It has the same performance characteristics as the HS9500i in a lower profile. Also has remote control with 12' lead, clutch, roller fairlead and battery cables.
XD9000i Winch
One of our more famous winches. The XD9000i has won positive comment from all the off-roading magazines. Now, with addition of the all new 4.6 hp Series Wound™ motor, it's better then ever. No-load line speed is 38 ft./minute, up 19%. It has more torque. And its' three-stage planetary gearing lets it run cooler and longer than earlier models. Includes remote control on 12' lead, roller fairlead and battery cables.
XD9000 Winch
A longtime best seller, the XD9000's compact body and separate control pack lets it work effectively in very tight space. It uses 4.6 hp Series Wound™ motor and three-stage planetary gearing offered on most of out winches, so torque and line speed are outstanding. A quiet, double-durable winch, pure and simple
WARN Accessory Kit
A complete kit for recovery. Kit includes; Nylon soft case, snatch block, shackle, tree protector, choker chain and gloves. A great gift idea for any off-roader
Premium Recovery Straps
Tow/Recovery strap with sliding wear sleeve. 2" x 30' high-quality nylon webbing. Loops are reinforced with abrasion-resistant Cordura wear pads.
Receiver Shackle Bracket
A heavy-duty receiver bracket with a 3/4" shackle. Utilizes the standard 2" Class III receiver hitch. Get that all important rear recovery point with this inexpensive piece of equipment. SAFETY PIN SOLD SEPARATELY!